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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  November 1, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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a gunman walked up to the tsa screening area, pulled an assault rifle from a bag and began shooting. >> he proceeded up into the screening area. where tsa screeners are and continued shooting and went past the screeners, back into the airport itself. >> reporter: the tsa says the gunfire killed one screener. airport police officers shot and wounded the gunman and took him into custody. panicked passengers started screaming, looking for places to hide. >> security team opened up the door. we all piled out on to the tarmac. just kind of hid under the plane. >> probably the worst experience i've ever been in in my life. most terrifying. >> reporter: the gunman is 23- year-old paul ciancia. he has an address in los angeles and his family lives in new jersey. he had material on him expressing anger at the federal
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government and the tsa in particular. his father reportedly told investigators his son was suicidal. he had tried to file a missing person's report with the lapd. >> we believe at this point that there was a lone shooter. that he acted at least right now, the only person that was armed in this incident. >> reporter: things have started to move now at lax. at 4:00 this afternoon the faa lifted the nationwide ground stop on flights heading to the airport. the airport began the process of resuming normal flight operations through terminals 1 and 2, however, terminal 3 is still closed for the police investigation. reporting live in the newsroom, julie haener, ktvu channel 2 news. police in southern new jersey surrounded the family home of suspect paul ciancia shortly after the shooting. his current address is in los angeles, but his parents still
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live in new jersey. neighbors were stunned to learn that the suspect is from their community. our team coverage continues with david stevenson. he spoke exclusively to passengers aboard one plane that got a closer look at all the chaos this morning. >> reporter: the passengers we spoke to described it as a surreal scene that soon settled into an hours long wait. virgin america flight 935 arrived 3 hours late. >> it was a bit scary. >> reporter: laura and husband say they just made it aboard the flight and just missed the shooting that took the life of a tsa agent in lax terminal 3. >> i think we were in the terminal only 5 minutes before it happened. i think it was very close to the place where we went. >> reporter: passengers say they were shocked to see travelers pouring out of the terminal on to the tarmac. >> we boarded. we were getting settled. my daughter looked out the
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window and saw that people are exiting the terminal. standing underneath the airplanes. >> the pilot came on and told us there had been a breech of security. so the way we all found out what was going on was on virgin nay have tvs. we got on the tv and saw what had been happening. >> reporter: gene says passengers and flight staff remained calm. what was the mood like? >> people were just watching the tv. after a couple of hours people were reading and turning the tv to other stations and whatnot. >> i was wondering when i saw the people if there was bomb alert or something like that. but i saw they're not moving and taking pictures so i say must be something -- i don't know. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, the impact the lax event is having on outbound bay area travel this evening. why one family said they're grateful they missed their flight to l.a. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news.
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the lax closure caused one southwest flight to divert to san jose airport. many are experiencing delays for arrivals and departures. we spoke with one traveler headed to moscow. >> i live in israel for many years. my home country, you know, we got used to this. it's the norm there. it shouldn't be. the world should be safe place. >> that passenger found another flight leaving outs of sfo. tsa agents are not law enforcement. the agents have no training in weapons. their job is to make sure no bombs or other banned items or substances make it on to planes. when it comes to emergency situations like what happened at lax, tsa relies on airport police. at sfo, that would be members of the san francisco police department. at oakland international, it's alameda county sheriffs who are on patrol.
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coming up we'll go to lax to find out what the situation there is like right now as flights are starting to land and take off again. this is video showing people abandoning their vehicles as they try to make their way out of the caldecott tunnel. paul chambers joinings live from the oakland side of the caldecott with video of what it was like as the smoke filled inside the tunnel. paul. >> reporter: things are back to normal. cars are making their way to the caldecott tunnel during this evening commute. earlier today there were no cars moving whatsoever. for the first time we'll take you inside the tunnel with some firsthand amazing video as people were leaving it during the fire. this video shows what it looked like inside the number one bore of the caldecott tunnel this morning. heavy smoke and people trying to escape. >> we got everybody out of the tunnel as fast as we could. >> reporter: as people walked
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out of the tunnel to safety, you could seat smoke rolling out behind them. oakland fire says just before 10:00 a call came in that a vehicle was on fire. the exact cause stimunknown. the heavy smoke was the reason that paramedics had to transport seven people to the hospital. many of which were children who were carried to safety. >> some of the people that were in the tunnel during the incident suffered minor smoke inhalation. they're being transfer transferred to the hospital. >> reporter: the aftermath caused headaches for others. seen here, the long back up of cars sitting, waiting for the roadway to reopen. >> i need to go back to san francisco. giving a ride to my friend. i need to go back. >> i'm trying to get to a doctor's appointment. >> something happened. nobody think about how to clear up as soon as possible to get people going. >> reporter: by 11:30 things were back to normal. an all clear from highway
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patrol allowing drivers to resume their commute safely, just as though nothing had ever happened. >> their safety is more important than getting through a tunnel. >> reporter: the cars that were abandoned and left were towed away for people to pick them up later. coming up at 6:00, you will hear the severity and intensity that happened inside. we have video and sound from one of the firefighters inside. live in oakland, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. more details for many today's fire sparked memories of a deadly fire inside the caldecott tunnel back on april 7th of 1982. setting off a horrendous fire that killed 7 people. for more pictures from today's fire, go to and click on the images tab. now to the south bay where the highway patrol is investigating a suspected dui crash that killed a man who was working on the side of the road. it happened just before 2:45 this morning on the right
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shoulder of northbound highway 680 just south of scott creek road. at the scene the chp found two construction workers who had been hit by a nissan altima. one of the workers was killed, the other injured. ann ruben live. >> reporter: we spoke to the victim's cousin. the family is heart broken about their loss and angry that alcohol may have been a factor. 34-year-old franky jimenez was a father and a man whose smile could light up a room. his life was cut short overnight. he was working for statewide traffic safety and signs along interstate 680 when it happened. a driver, 20-year-old adrian valencia sanchez veered on to the shoulder. jimenez was pinned and did not survive. a second worker was injured, as was the driver who hit them. chp officials don't know where the driver was coming from, but
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say he had a halloween mask in the backseat and they believe he had been drinking. >> yeah, dui investigation was performed. he was found to be under the influence of alcohol. he's been arrested and released to the hospital. >> he was a great friend. if you needed anything, he was there for you. i called him on his cell phone. he'd come right over. just seems like they take all the good people away out of the world. >> reporter: neighbors here in the town of dixon are in shock. for the family, this is double heart break. jimenez' brother was also killed in a traffic accident a few years ago. an accident in san francisco this morning left a dump truck hanging over the side of highway 101. it happened the northbound direction just before 8:00 this morning near the 3rd street offramp. the chp says it involved at least two other vehicles and at one point officers were forced
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to close all of the northbound lanes so that tow trucks could get the dump truck back on to the roadway and haul it away. no word on any injuries. members of bart's two biggest unions voted on the agreement that ended their strike early. itfuls the second strike in a three over three months. results are expected at 11:00 tonight. if union members approve the new contract, it'll then go to the bart board of directors for approval. charges have been field against the sonoma county supervisor three months after he was arrested outside of a woman's home. he was arraigned on a misdemeanor peaking charge. he was arrested in july after a woman reported seeing him outside her bedroom window wearing just his socks and underwear. he later apologized and admitted that he has a drinking problem. we have windy conditions on the way for our weekend. ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin is here with what we
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should expect. >> right now the winds are light. take a look at san jose. the flag is hanging limp. the temperatures on the warm side. warmest day of the week. things are changing around. current wind conditions. here's how it looks on the current wind condition, the meters. livermore is 13. san jose at 8 miles per hour. as we head into the next 24 hours, winds are going to increase. we could see gusts up to 35, 45 miles per hour. when i come back, a timeline on the wind advisory. what locations will be affected. on the bay area weekend, which of those days is going to be the coolest. one ski resort is open for business at least for a couple of days. boyle mountain resort welcomes skiers and snow borders this afternoon. the conditions are good enough to keep the resort open tomorrow as well. they will decide if it'll stay open on sunday. a mountain lion that attracted attention when it was captured in santa cruz was killed this week.
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new at 5:30, how it died and what researchers are hoping to learn from its death. sounds like something straight out of a horror movie. a drug that eats the flesh off your bones. turns your skin green. ktvu channel 2 explores a worldwide epidemic making its way west. but first, a big mistake costing taxpayers millions. the reason why medicare is paying benefits to people who are no longer alive.
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hayward police are looking for the shooter who left a woman with several gunshot wounds late last night. it happened around 11:00 last night at the lord dennison apartments. several people called police to say they heard the shots. one man says it's not the first shooting recently in that area.
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>> it's just sad this is going down. there's kids out here trick or treating and something like this happens. we have our kids that live here. it's just dangerous. >> the victim underwent emergency surgery. no word on her condition. two cousins are recovering after being hit while crossing the street last night. they were struck by a pickup truck at the intersection of south cloverdale boulevard at 7:00 p.m. one boy has been identified as 12-year-old enrique andred and 13-year-old valdemor torres. police have not identified the 75-year-old truck driver. he is cooperating. alcohol and speed do not appear to be factors. new details about the murder case of federal investigator sandra koch. the man accused of killing her says he wants to go to trial as soon as possible. he says he wants to clear his name.
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she was found dead in august nearly a week after she was reported missing from her oakland home. preliminary hear is set to begin monday. bay area sex workers are signing up for health insurance for the first time as a result of the affordable care act. sex workers and their supporters recently held a sign up event in san francisco printing off paper applications so the website glitches wouldn't cause problems. many say they haven't had health coverage in years. they'll be paying an average of $300 a month before subsidies. millions of dollars in medicare benefits for people who are already dead. we've learned it's a big mistake costing taxpayers. as justin gray reports, medicare's own auditors can't explain how it's happening. >> reporter: the saying goes, nothing is certain but death and taxes. turns out it's not even certain the government will stop buying your prescriptions or paying for new doctor visits long after you're dead. >> this is lack of oversight. lack of transparency. >> reporter: we learned in 2011 the government paid out $23
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million in medicare payments on behalf of people who were dead. the department's auditors discovered some of that is because of bad info on when people passed away. most comes down to improper claims filed by doctors and healthcare providers. big question, was there fraud? did providers file claims for people they knew were dead? according to this report and hundreds of cases it looks like that answer is yes. >> they'll send in a claim, see if it gets paid. if it works, send another one in. maybe the next month, 10, 15, 20 until they get caught. >> reporter: david williams with the taxpayer protection license says it's a small number of companies and doctors working the system. >> you have people taking advantage of the system that is so big, so complex that they're not going to get caught. >> reporter: in the report, the auditors found 250 healthcare providers that finalled abnormally large numbers of
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claims. it adds up to millions of dollars coming out of your pocket. so far no consequences. the window is now open for the maverick surf contest. from now until march 31st, competition organizers will watch to see when conditions are ideal to begin the big wave contest. it draws some of the best big wave surfers in the world. criteria include waves at least 30 feet high, breaking regularly with good visibility and light winds. >> some are just remarkable. let's bring in our chief meteorologist. they getting anything like that? >> no. typically they open the window now, the swells will show up in december and january. the trick with the mavericks competition, aligning the swell with the winds with the tide. there's a lot of things that have to come together to get that perfect day. you need that giant window. big swells, we can get them around thanksgiving. we'll see the biggest swells
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into december. the current temperatures, warmest day of the week. beautiful friday afternoon. we had upper 70s. look at santa rosa. 78 degrees for daytime high. that wind advisory will go into effect as we head into tomorrow night late into the early morning hours on monday. so we're looking for the windy conditions to be mainly in the hills. to stick around for about 36 hours. remember last week, just a week we had those significant major winds. this should not be on that scale. this should not be on that scale. that was a big deal event. this was more of a -- warrants a wind advisory. we'll watch it for you. rosemary will be here this weekend. tracking the wind event. tracking it now using the latest computer model. tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m., winds are light and variable. winds start to focus. clock out of the north- northwest. watch this, late tomorrow night into the early morning hours you start to seeing 30-mile an
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hour winds, 32-mile an hour winds. these are gusts now. we'll be watching that for you. the winds mainly in the hills. east bay hills. hills of the north bay. this is the mechanism for the winds. this is also the mechanism for the cooling we're going to experience tomorrow. temperatures today in the upper 70s. temperatures tomorrow, upper 60s, low 70s. there's the weak system sliding through tomorrow night. that starts the winds going as the high builds in. 69 degrees for a daytime high in san jose tomorrow. nice day. a few clouds. winds kicking up. saturday is going to be your nicest day. 71 in fairfield. 73 in brentwood. even though it's cooler, it's nice. 60s, low 70s. five day forecast. don't forget to fall back on saturday night, sunday morning. i do it before i go to bed on saturday night. sometimes i don't do it at all. sometimes i just go -- i'm just going to live on this time and see how it flies.
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somewhere around december it's like,. >> i like your style. >> passengers may be happy to hear they can use electronics during takeoff. but not everyone is. the new concerns from flight crews about relaxing the rules for electronic devices during flight. now to our julie haener in the newsroom for what we're working on for 6:00. from an old army base to a 21st century trading hub. the improvements designed to let oakland compete. voted in in october. a lot of people have no idea what was going on. >> the fight against a ban in one bay area city that could fine you $500 for smoking in your own home. these stories and more coming up new at 6:00. while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel
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okay. even a warrior can get sick. kaiser permanente reminds you to get your flu shot this season.
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there are new concerns tonight about the faa's decision to relax resumes about electronic devices on airplanes. passengers will soon be allowed to keep many of their devices on for the entire flight. but now some flight attendants say they worry about giving passengers mixed messages. >> what is the expectation if you take flight a from one city to another and then you take flight b and have to turn off your device? >> the faa says each airline must create its own rules and change flight manuals and safety briefings. many say the faa should set the standards for all airlines. >> whatever goes should be the same for everybody, for all the
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airlines. it'll be confusing if you fly a different airline. nobody will know what the rules are. >> the faa says it expects most airlines to allow greater use of electronic devices by the end of the year. delta and jet blue have filed paper work. sprint did something it hasn't done before. it introduced a new product in the bay area. sprint decided to unveil its new sprint spark phone. the move is a departure for sprint, which is based in kansas. the new phone is being rolled out in new york, l.a., chicago, tampa and miami. sprint says it may appear in the bay area some time next year. pg&e customers won't have to pay quite as much as the utility upgrade. the utility says it expects to replace 145 miles of pipe, not the original estimate of 185 miles by the time the work is
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completed. the oakland tribune says that means that rate payers will be on the hook for a total of $900 million. workers at the university of california may soon be walking a picket line. members of the university system's largest union have volted to authorize a strike over what they call unfair labor practices. the union claims there have been several incidents of managers threatening to discipline workers who exercise their collective bargaining rights. uc denies those. our coverage of the deadly shooting at lax continues next with a live report from the airport. a mountain lion was killed on highway 17. it was one the public saw being captured in dramatic fashion six months ago. why researchers call the death important. what is perhaps the most well known version of macaroni and cheese is about to change.
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what's going in and what's getting out of kraft traditional recipe.
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it's the first time in u.s. history that a tsa agent has been killed in the line of
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duty. tonight we're learning more about the deadly shooting at lax that claimed one life and left three other people wounded. we're learning new details about the suspected gunman. authorities begin to piece together what happened today. our team coverage continues now. patti lee live at oakland international airport with more on the role of tsa agents and the protection they're provided while on the job. first we go to lax where city is live now with the laitance what's going on right now there. -- -- >> reporter: the airport is slowly starting to resume normal operations throughout the terminal. they're saying they're allowing anything that's a public transportation vehicle to get through the terminal. as for passenger cars, not quite yet. all that after a much heated, panicked moment earlier in the day. a chaotic scene friday morning after a shooting at los angeles
5:31 pm
international airport. the los angeles airport police chief safes a man with an assault rifle approached a security check point inside terminal 3. >> pulled an assault rifle out of a bag and began to open fire in the terminal. >> reporter: police say one tsa agent was shot and killed. sources say another tsa agent was shot in the leg. sources say multiple shots were fired quickly. according to a spokesman for los angeles fire, seven people were injured. >> guy downstairs started shooting. one guy fell down. >> reporter: sources after shooting the agent the suspect went through the check point, at which point a police officer opened fire, hitting and wounding the gunman, who was taken into custody. >> people were running. knocked down. there was luggage everywhere. mayhem. >> reporter: images here of a ground stop. people hiding in bathroom
5:32 pm
stalls. others being evacuated. police with guns drawn and a triage set up for patients being wheeled outside of the airport. >> i heard a couple of popping noises. i turned to look. sounded like somebody banging on something. there was a stampede of people coming my way. i realized something was wrong. >> reporter: now authorities will try to piece together exactly what happened. and at this point there are a lot of people who are still out here on foot trying to make their way to whenever their loved ones are or a hotel. just wheeling their bags. the sun is going down. it's been a really hot day and people were stranded without any place to go. terminals were just packed. terminals are opening up. all except for terminal 3. if you know anyone who flew down from oakland and had bags they abandoned when this happened, they can now go back and get them everywhere but terminal 3.
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>> thank you. the lax shooting is having a far reaching effect on bay area airports. patti lee on changes. >> reporter: there is heightened security here tonight. homeland security truck is parked. a sheriff's deputy walks around. that is standard fare. today 13 flights have been canceled in and out of oakland international. that led to a day of delays. >> it's be crazy. we noticed it in salt lake because, lots of delays for customers, canceled flights. everyone here is canceled. it's now what? so it's crazy. >> it's crazy in there too. there's lots of people everywhere. we're rerouteing them through other cities. >> reporter: we also talked to aviation consultant about airport security. many people don't know that the tsa is not a law enforcement agency, but it's a regulatory
5:34 pm
body. the tsa screeners are not armed. but at security check points they do have panic buttons. the minimum response time for armed officers to arrive is a minute to a minute and a half. is that enough security? that could be a question for congress. for now it has not been a problem until today. travelers we talked to here say there's not a lot you can do if someone is determined to harm you. >> we can't all stop living our lives because there's crazy people. l you take the precautions you can. >> reporter: aviation consultants tell us the first layer of security is always the most vulnerable. so the only way to make this airport safer is to at add a layer of security outside before people walk indoors. reporting live in oakland, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >> for more images and video from the news conference today at lax, just go to and
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scroll down to the hot topics tab. a two alarm fire displaced nine people in san jose today. it started about 5:00 this morning on north 12th street. no one was injured. it took period of times about app hour to put -- firefighters about an hour to put it out. a bay area group has renewed efforts to prevent convicted animal abusers from adopting pets. it's creating a nationwide animal abuse registry. the group plans to ask states to provide data on convicted abusers. it hopes to launch the site early next year. in 2010 a measure to set up such a registry in california failed to pass. a young male mountain lion was killed this week in the santa cruz mountains. this was the same mountain lion you may remember because of how it was captured several months ago. robert handa to tell us why researchers who were tracking that mountain lion say its
5:36 pm
death is significant. >> reporter: as you heard, this was a mountain lion that became famous because of its capture. we're here on highway 17 up the road from where it was killed. the way this animal's life started and ended could be important for those trying to preserve mountain lions and their habitats. >> this is where he died. right on the 17. >> reporter: the santa cruz puma project track mountain lions. the program studies pumas and helps to protect the animals. one of the mountain lions being tracked drew national attention in may because it was wandering for days before being chased into an audiocassette question duct. it was tracked with a gps device. but the young male known as 39 m was hit by a vehicle on this stretch of highway 17 near vine hill road yesterday morning, which the puma project says shows the need for wildlife bridges and other protective measures. >> just because we rescue that
5:37 pm
from downtown santa cruz, it didn't mean it was going to be doing great for the rest of its life. it had other challenges we're doing with one on one. having this information from all these collared animals helps us bring science to help deal with the management problems. >> reporter: his six month journey showed why they end up near cities, including boulder creek. it was too young to move into the older lions territory. it's too bad they couldn't have tracked it into adulthood. >> it was an interesting case because of how he was caught and how he started his life. it was his life on his own in a city. so i think maybe it's not a loss of information but actually further proof of the dangers that happen when lions are exposed heavily to human development. >> reporter: the puma project is tracking 18 other mountain lions. 39 ms loss was upset by the unusual capture of three others recently in one week.
5:38 pm
live in the santa cruz mountains, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. getting into the holiday spirit ahead of schedule. the reason retailers are gearing up for the holiday shopping season whether shoppers are ready or not. a new street drug. cheaper than heroin. why addicts say beware. why a recent report of a wine shortage seems to be a false alarm.
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a bicyclist crashed into a muni historic streetcar this morning after the bike's wheels got stuck in the tracks. this happened on market street this morning. a muni spokesman says the cyclist was thrown into the side of the streetcar. the cyclist was hospitalized for neck pain. a former stanford football player is seeking treatment after being bullied by his teammates. jonathan martin missed last night's game citing emotional stress. he was the victim of bullying by his teammates when they called him quote big weirdo and got up from the bunch table when he sat down. martin was a second round draft pick out of stanford two years ago. some types of kraft macaroni and cheese are changing. they are revamping.
5:42 pm
they'll have six additional grams of whole grains and lower in sodium and spices will be used instead of artificial food dyes to recreate the famous yellow orange color. now it will be a little less yellow. the original elbow shaped mac and cheese will remain the same. puzzled as to why the original mac and cheese will remain the same. fears of a global wine shortage may be exaggerated. a morgan stanley analyst predicted a wine production short fall. others say the 2013 vintage is returning to more typical levels after a decade of oversupply. california's wine grape harvest is expected to be close to last year's crop. a dangerous drug is making its way across the country. this drug is something to be feared greatly. in tonight's special report, why some say it actually poses
5:43 pm
an even bigger threat than heroin. new changes to that new bike path on the bay bridge. what you need to know before taking a spin on the span. right after the break we're talking about the bay area weekend. there's a cooldown coming. there's some wind coming. in the long, long range it looks like there might be some rain coming. specifics when i get back. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. i want you to be handsome. i want you to be awesome. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. i want you to return my emails. i want you to keep me doing this for another sixty years. at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at and thrive.
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in tonight's special report, it's similar to heroin. highly addictive.
5:46 pm
super cheap to make. in this case the consequences are horrific and the drug is coming now to california. john fowler has the warnings you need to know about this drug and be warned, some of the images may be graphic and disturbing to some of you out there. >> reporter: san francisco's tenderloin. as common as cigarettes you'll find opiates. >> i was always looking for something better. something stronger. >> reporter: one new drug called krokodil is so dangerous it eats flesh. this 30-year-old told me fear is no deterrent. >> i crushed line after line -- i crossed line after line that i said i would never cross. i was taking risks all day every day. that was the lifestyle. >> reporter: curtis is trying to kick opiates.
5:47 pm
with health specialists. >> we should be worried about krokodil. it is potent. >> reporter: this video shows the horror of cheap do it yourself drug spawned in russia. krokodil technically nicknamed for the scaly gangrene like skin lesions it causes. legs, arms and feet are often amputated. in about two years addicts are dead. >> if you take this drug, you will lose limb and you will lose your life. for sure. >> reporter: drug experts say back room chemists are making it with tylenol with codeine. mixing those are match sticks, iodine and gasoline to create a brutal mixture that causes an intense but brief heroin-like high and then about two hours later an intense need for another fix. >> just a horrible feeling. you're crawling out of your skin. all you can think about is how
5:48 pm
much you want this feeling to end. again, the only solution to that is to get the drug. >> reporter: curtis is describing heroin cravings. he hasn't seen krokodil here yet. authorities suspect it in four states this month. unconfirmed because we've learned lab tests cannot tell krokodil from heroin. it may be in the bay area already. >> just a matter of time, i think before these, before krokodil does come to san francisco and other major cities. >> reporter: the good news is that on bay area streets, black tar heroin remains inexpensive. there's little demand yet for that cheap, deadly new alternative. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> stories like these about illegal drugs can be frightening. the reality is more teenagers actually die from prescription drugs than from heroin and cocaine combined. food stamp benefits are going down after today.
5:49 pm
a temporary boost of the program is coming to an end. here in california, 11% of households receive benefits. that'll go down a total of $457 million in our state. the reduction will save the federal government $5 billion next year. the america's cup organization says more than a dozen charities are benefiting from this summer's concert series. some of the proceeds from the concert to charity. altogether about $65,000 will be distributed to 17 charities next month. local sailing programs as well as arts groups. you'll get an extra hour of sleep this weekend. it's time to fall back. daylight saving time ends on sunday. the change happens at 2:00 sunday morning. so remember to set your clocks back before you head to bed on saturday night. daylight saving time will return in march. >> it gets dark so early after
5:50 pm
that happens. bill, you're tracking changes. >> we're tracking changes. we're in the transition season. fall. starting to transition into cooler weather for the weekend. wind and rain as we go into late next week. here are the numbers from today. these were the actual numbers. warmest day of the week so far. it will be the warmest day we see. check out the 80. that's the warm spot in morgan hill. 73 in concord. check out san francisco. 72 degrees. here's how it goes. the weather systems to the north are going to start to encroach into our area. that's the mechanism for the cooling and for the increase in wind. these are the current temperatures right now. 73 in san jose. tomorrow we're looking for another cool start. not quite as cold as this morning. a little frost last few mornings. you'll see a little bit tomorrow. cooling trend with gusty winds. that's the weather headline.
5:51 pm
there's your overnight lows. still chilly. out of the upper 30s. mostly in the low 40s. warm e day was today. high pressure got its most intense moment. low pressure moves in tomorrow. the cooling begins. very weak. you'll see the clouds come through. the front slides through. sunday the winds want to kick up up as well. more cool air filters in. it's going to be in the 60s. still a nice bay area weekend. just going to be cooler. no upper 70s and low 80s. raining in eureka. it's a front. divides the warm air here and the cold air here. this is the front. cool air filters in behind it. system moves further south. 73 in antioch. 71 in pittsburgh. it's cooler. still nice. along the coast, the winds are going to start picking up in
5:52 pm
the afternoon. head out to the beaches, marin county coastline. any of the coastlines. it's been nice. tomorrow though the winds will start picking up. you'll notice the breezes picking up around 1:00 or 2:00. bay area weekend forecast. cooler on saturday. sunday the coolest day on the bay area weekend. monday, tuesday and wednesday just kind of mild. never really gets cold. i can't go past wednesday here. looking at the long range models. looks like we get into friday next week. might see a chance of rain developing. perhaps, it's a ways off, but maybe an opening of a storm door that could bring us multiple rain events. >> let's make up for the past year. >> enjoy this weekend and get rain next week. the holiday season is getting an early kick start. >> halloween was just last night. so are you ready for christmas? the malls and stores are already gearing up. back now to julie haener in our newsroom for more on what we're working on for 6:00.
5:53 pm
you've seen the mass evacuation when smoke and flames filled one bore of the caldecott tunnel. we take a look at the safety features built to handle this type of more than and if they were working. does the effects of smoking outweigh the private property rights? >> slapped with a big fine for smoking in your own home? how one bay area councilman is leading the fight against this restrictive ban. these stories and more coming up at 6:00. ♪
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the bay bridge bike path are in effect. it just close the at 5:30. the new hours come with the end of daylight saving time which means that the path now opens at 7:00 a.m. and closes at 5:30 every day. originally when the path debuted in september the hours were dawn to dusk. the new ipad air is up for sale. it was unveiled last month. today it went on sale at apple stores in 42 countries and territories. the new portion is 20% thinner and lighter than the fourth generation ipad. it is 72 times faster than the original. the holiday shopping season has begun. stores are having sales to make up for shorter than usual shopping period this year. rob roth found a lot of people
5:57 pm
just aren't in the mood yet. >> reporter: halloween is now history. the holiday shopping season is upon us. about eight weeks until christmas. the giant holiday display is up and shoppers -- >> body spray. yeah, i got a really good deal. buy two get one free. >> reporter: are cruising for bargains. >> i bought a few presents today. prewrap before christmas comes. >> reporter: many people say hold on, it's just too early to think about holiday shopping. >> it's too soon. let's get to thanksgiving first before we go into christmas. >> so you're not ready? >> i'm not ready. >> reporter: the biggest challenge facing the stores is the calendar. this year black friday isn't until november 29th. >> we've only got four weeks instead of five to get all that
5:58 pm
business done. the retailers understand they've got to crank it up earlier. our customers know they have get started earlier. >> reporter: brookstone started this enticement today. walmart began discounting and some big chains started running tv ads. consumer confidence is down, especially after the government shutdown. some have found if not a silver lining than a red one. >> i'm okay with it only because that means that starbucks brings back all their seasonal drinks. >> reporter: 54 shopping days left. >> now at 6:00, smoke and fear inside the caldecott tunnel today. we'll show you what it looked like and the emergency response. it's been a practical ghost town for 14 years. that is all about to change. the new life being breathed into this land and this community. it's one of the strictest smoking bans and it took effect
5:59 pm
today. already one east bay city leader is trying to repeal it. a car fire inside the caldecott tunnel sends smoke billowing through the bore. drivers ditch their cars and walk out. firefighters rush in to put out the flames. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the smoke made several people sick and traffic was stopped on the main artery between oakland and contra costa county. we have live team coverage tonight. alex savidge has more. but first paul chambers. >> reporter: this evening's commute is in full swing. this morning's fire was a good reminder why it pays to stay calm in an emergency situation. you can hear a firefighter yelling out commands, leading
6:00 pm
people to safety. this is what it looked like inside the caldecott tunnel this morning. heavy smoke and people trying to escape a fire inside. >> we got everybody out of their cars and out of the tunnel as fast as we could. >> reporter: as people walked out of the tunnel to safety, you could see the smoke rolling out behind them. oakland fire says just before 10:00 this morning the call came in that a vehicle was on fire inside the eastbound bore. the exact cause still unknown. the heavy smoke was the reason that paramedics had to transport seven people to the hospital. many of which were children workers were carried to safety by paramedics. >> some of the people that were in the tunnel during the incident suffered some minor smoke inhalation. they're being transported for precautionary purposes. >> reporter: the aftermath of the fire caused headaches for others. seen here, the long back up of cars sitting, waiting to reopen. >> i just need to go back to san francisco. i've given a ride to my friend. >> reporter: on


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